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enriched with a blend of heritage-inspired, skin-rejuvenating botanical ingredients

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06/ YUZU Zero-Waste Body Bar Soap

$13.00 USD

Your favourite bar soaps, all bundled into a sustainable, zero-waste bar experience.

Other soap brands would cause my skin to itch but after using Musoap, my skin did not itch at all! It is truly amazing and I highly recommend it.

Cara L.

Toronto, ON

I was never able to get into soap until i tried this one! Smells amazing and lather up so nicely. The owner is also so kind to interact with. :)

Han Hieu Van Phan

Vancouver, BC

Wonderful quality of soap - very gentle and helped to calm irritated skin.

Cassie Leung

Vancouver, BC

I tried coriander and I really love it! The soap makes me feel clean without stripping me of natural oils. It also smells very nice and natural without being overwhelming like other brands.

Gal Lee

Richmond, BC

I've been loving my hand-washing time lately! I started with the coriander one and I LOVE the scent so much. Smells amazing like a spa, very calm, natural scent.

Jieun J.

Vancouver, BC

After an intense work day, I look forward to my quiet and relaxing shower time with these soaps.

Jiaming J.

Altadena, CA

So glad I purchased this discovery set to give all the scents a try! We loved them all. The Osmanthus was 100% my favourite.

Christina K.

Kelowna, BC

The coriander is really moisturizing and I really looked forward to wind down for my showers everyday. Definitely going to repurchase!


Singapore, SG

The ginger soap bar exceeded my expectations in every way. It's a little luxury that will leave you feeling pampered and revitalized.

Aileen M. Andaya

Singapore, SG

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Small batches in Vancouver, BC


Synthetic fragrance and dye-free


Low waste and mindful packaging